Before we know it, love has taken ahold of our subconscious brain

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Day to day in your life, it’s easy to lose track of what’s happening in your heart. I know this because I lost track myself, and am now paying the price in a cascade of relationship troubles.

I didn’t realize that I was unconsciously becoming more emotionally attached to someone, even as I changed nothing in my life. A relationship that I thought was just casual had transformed into something else before I even realized it.

But the cost of this unconsciousness was tragic. The catalyst that made…

The feeling of love can now be traced to chemicals and hormones

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Have you experienced it? Call it love at first sight, call it infatuation, but regardless of what we call it, it’s a powerful feeling.

Sometimes we’re just going about our days, not paying much attention to the world outside our heads, when we meet someone that upends our reality.

It can happen in other ways, too. Sometimes it’s someone we’ve known for a while. …

Try making the hard choice when it comes to this common relationship struggle

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Ahh, the friend zone. How we love to hate you. If you’ve found yourself in the friend zone at any point in your life, then this article is for you.

You know the drill. You meet someone you’re interested in, go on a date or two (or maybe just hang out), and just when things might take a turn towards being a little more serious, they say they just want to be friends.

Immediately after you hear the words “I just want to be friends,” you sense…

Learning to live with the internal struggle of unrequited feelings

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Eventually the feelings go away. Sometimes it takes weeks, months, or even years, but one day you’ll wake up and realize you’re not thinking about that person you once obsessed over.

That’s what you tell yourself, anyway. Staring at the ceiling at 3 in the morning, though, it can be hard to believe that’s true. These feeling seem omnipresent, like they’ve taken over your whole life.

As they say, time heals all wounds, or at least glosses over them. Over weeks and months, the thoughts of that other person eventually…

This is the time to let go of those things that aren’t serving us

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Yeah, I know “letting go” is written about so much on Medium it’s practically burned in our retinas by now. If you find yourself scrolling through the self-help section of Medium, this might be just the kind of article you’d end up at.

In fact, I’ve written about the concept of “letting go” a few times already, so why am I writing about it again?

Because this time I want to talk about the specific things we can let go of this year. Instead of vaguely…

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Ahh… regret, how did I end up in your grips again? I promised myself it would never happen again, but here we are, regrettably regretting something.

You might find yourself thinking this very thing at some points in your life. That’s because regret isn’t something you can plan on avoiding. It just shows up all of sudden, screaming in your head, like some nagging relative that won’t go away.

Regret is a strange emotion, and a particularly human one. It takes the capacity to understand that the past was changeable if you had made different decisions, and allows you to…

People tend go to extremes and forget that health is a consistent practice

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“I’m giving up vaping for good,” she tells me. I nod my head while I chuckle to myself. I kind of feel bad for laughing at this, but once you’ve heard someone tell you that a handful of times with little to no conviction to actually change it, it starts to feel like a worn-out charade.

The pattern goes like this: They “give up” vaping in the morning, do yoga for an hour, then try to eat a healthy lunch. …

Some claim that romantic love can now be measured by brain scans

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The image above you comes from a Daily Mail article that made this claim:

Brain experts say they can tell what stage of romance someone is at by looking at MRI results

This article described how scientists have analyzed various brain scans of people in different stages of love. After enough analysis, these researchers believe they have found certain areas that are active during different stages of love.

I’ve provided these images at the top of the article. In them you can see the different areas of the…

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Sometimes the simplest things in life are the hardest.

We all have opinions and ideas about how to live life the right way. How to save more money, or find the right partner, or to get the house, the car, the lifestyle you want.

Sometimes it seems there are a million other things that you’re not doing “right.”

Don’t get me wrong, understanding your wants and needs can be important. I’m not saying you shouldn’t try to improve yourself, work harder, and really go after something.

What I am saying is that no matter where you are, you can practice one thing to make your life better. This is…

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