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If you’ve ever had feelings for another person, chances are you know the dizzy, dancing feeling that love can make you fall into.

What’s the purpose of that feeling, anyway?

Romantic love, to many writers, philosophers, poets, and artists, has remained an omnipresent mystery. We know that we fall in love with other people, but often struggle defining just what falling in love means.

From an evolutionary standpoint, it makes sense that there would a strong emotional and physical trigger to cause people to want to mate with each other. …

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Desire, whether we like it or not, is a fundamental part of our lives. We crave for food and water so that we can continue living, shelter so we can stay warm and dry against the elements, and for the company of each other so we can live rich social lives.

So if desire is something that we need to live, then why do we suffer so much because of it?

In Buddhism, desire is identified as the root of dukkha, or suffering, pain, and dissatisfaction. …

What are we really looking for?

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When I was younger, I watched countless movies where people found love at first sight, or had some wild situation happen to them where love practically fell into their lap.

The tension built until that final scene, when the two characters finally realized they were madly in love with each other, and one or both of them made some breathless speech to win them back.

Of course, the other person said yes and everything worked out beautifully from then on out.

Needless to say, I sort of expected the same thing to happen to…

A story of brokenness and letting go

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Oh, love, it always gets to me. Even when I think I’m done with you, you come floating back into my life — in the chorus of my favorite song; in the taste of mango gelato on a sweet summer afternoon; or in the smile of a curly-haired woman on the Metro.

What is it about you that reaches right down into my core and wrenches me from the earth? …

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There are points in your life when you stop and take a look around and wonder: How did I get here?

After all this time, how did I end up alone?

Some would argue we’re all inherently alone, that our natural state is by ourselves, trapped within our own minds and seeing the world through our own perspective.

But sometimes the most joyous moments of our lives is when we’re connected with others. Whether that’s friendships, romantic relationships, or group activities, human beings find meaning and happiness through living life together with other people.

So when we end up alone…

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Maybe you just went through a devastating breakup.

Maybe you just got rejected by someone that you really care for.

Maybe you just saw that special someone on Tinder and realized that they’re looking for people that aren’t you.

Whatever it is, you’ve got a broken heart, and you can feel it withering away inside of you. You can feel the pain daily, knowing that there is a disconnect between you and the other person, one that you wish so much wasn’t there.

And just when you feel like you’re recovering, that you’ve got some sense of balance in your…

Practicing detachment is part of life

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The other day I wrote in my journal two sentences: Forget About Success. Forget About Happiness.

Now, I’m not trying to say that success and happiness are bad things to be chasing, it’s just that I came to a realization that day: chasing something too hard can lead to a lot of expectations and attachment to the outcome of a situation, which in itself can lead to suffering.

Let’s take love: We all want it, and when you offer someone your heart, you are offering a piece of yourself. …

But you have to work at it

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Anxiety is a bitch. If you suffer from it, then you know the cycle of panic, expectation, and apprehension when it comes to even the most menial of daily tasks.

But there comes a time when all of us have to face our fears, and when it comes to anxiety, we have to do our best to live with it.

Anxiety is a constant in our society, especially in today’s modern world. …

The lie gets down to the root of their behavior

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There are many different levels of lies. There are the bold-faced lies people tell you to your face, and then there are the behavioral lies they impose on you.

Narcissists, in many ways, engage in all these different levels of lying in order to get you hooked to them. It’s part of the magic spell they cast, and they are well practiced in weaving this world around you until you believe it’s real.

Narcissist types have a different relationship to the truth than most of us. It’s not about what’s…

How the story of “what might have been” poisons our soul

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We’ve all done it. We come across another disappointing situation and start wondering “what might have been.” Instead of what accepting what’s happened, our mind cycles through countless possibilities of how the relationship, job opportunity, or other situation could have gone.

When we come up for air, we realize we’re not only emotionally exhausted, but no better off than when we started riding the fantasy train.

I find it surprising that human beings often get so caught up in ideas like this. In so many ways, we are a…

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