Changing your habits can change your life

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Sometimes the days just lose their color. They all run into each other, devoid of feeling or excitement.

You’re worth more than loving someone who doesn’t love you

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“I’m tired of fighting
I’m tired of fighting
Fighting for a lost cause”

Beck, from “Lost Cause”

The other day I was walking around a bookstore looking for The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas, needing a good adventure story to distract me. That’s when a song I recognized came on the speakers. It was “Lost Cause” by Beck.

There is no easy way out, but one day you will heal from this

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Narcissism is a scary and multi-faceted thing. It’s part of all of us. Many of us have the capacity to treat each other badly, use each other to get what we want, and generally act like a jerk.

Maybe love just isn’t enough, no matter how hard we try

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It’s in the early mornings that I really miss you. I wake up right before dawn, the fan whirring over in the corner of the room, and feel the void of where you should be, curled up beside me, whispering good morning as you roll over to kiss me on the cheek.

There is a time when you finally release it all to the wind

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There never was, there couldn’t be
A place in time for men to be
Who’d drink the dark and laugh at day
And let their wildest dreams blow away

Cast Your Fate to The Wind by Vince Guaraldi

Those are some of the lyrics to the song Cast Your Fate to the Wind by Vince Guaraldi. The title, evocative as it is, beckons us to release the hold we have on our own fate.

And I don’t usually drink

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I’m not usually a huge drinker. In fact, I sometimes go a month or more without touching a drink, and that’s not even on purpose. It usually doesn’t appeal to me all that much, and I enjoy being sober and having fun without alcohol — usually.

Learning to get on with life no matter what the answer is

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There’s a lot of talk on the internet about personality disorders, especially when it comes to relationships. Many people on forums and blogs say that they dated narcissists, borderlines, or a number of other disordered types of people, telling their tales and connecting with others with similar experiences.

The image a person presents isn’t necessarily who they are inside

The other day, while I was talking with a friend about the fallout of a my relationship with my ex, I put on the song “The Fields of Our Home” by The Tallest Man on Earth.”

When the relationship ends, there is no making sense of it

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In the early morning hours I wake up to the sound of the wind. I reach over to grab the blanket and remember that I’m alone in the bed. She’s been gone for a while now, but still my brain doesn’t seem to have gotten used to it.

The eternal draw of the past obscures the only path forward

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Have you ever wanted to go back to the past and do things again? Chances are you’re not alone. Many of us wish we had another chance to try it one more time, to say or do something different and maybe, just maybe, have a different outcome.

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