What will you do when it’s all over?

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I took a long look at myself in the mirror and sighed. I didn’t want to have to do it again — moving on and all that. But here I am standing in front of the mirror wondering what went wrong.

It’s painful but true, because they’re not missing you

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I’m writing this article as much for myself as I am for you, because over and over again I have to remind myself to stop missing someone.

Sometimes finding out the answer is not enough

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There’s a lot of talk on the internet about personality disorders, especially when it comes to relationships. Many people on forums and blogs say that they dated narcissists, borderlines, or a number of other disordered types of people, telling their tales and connecting with others with similar experiences.

Change is a fickle mistress

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Change is a funny thing.

Probing the myth of true love

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Sometimes, the two words said together can make my whole body tremble.

“I’m searching, for my true love


When you think things are all your fault

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It can feel like you’re drowning in an endless ocean, and the moment you come up for air you are plunged beneath the waves again, tumbling endlessly through the slog of water and ice-cold, stabbing pain.

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“I”m giving up vaping for good,” she tells me. I nod my head while I chuckle to myself. I kind of feel bad for laughing at this, but once you’ve heard someone tell you that a handful of times with little to no conviction to actually change it, it starts to feel like a worn-out charade.

And Time goes on and on

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“There was a time

When I worshipped the ground you walked on

There was a time

When I’d cut off my ear for you

There was a time

When I worshipped the towel you dried on

There was a time

When I’d kill all my friends for you.”

From Curl Up and Die by Matt Maltese

Time. I remember talking about time with you.

A few things worth trying on your healing journey

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“Nothing in the universe can stop you from letting go and starting over.”

Guy Finley

Nothing in life comes easy, especially getting over someone we really, really liked. That person meant something to us, and even if our affection was not returned,we have to cope with those feelings of loss.

Wesley Owens

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